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Empowering Caregivers to Say No to Pneumonia


The Pneumonia Crisis

Every year, pneumonia kills more children under five than measles, malaria and AIDS combined. This is equivalent to a child dying nearly every 35 seconds. Children in under resourced communites are the primary victims of these deaths. China and Nigeria consistently rank high for infant mortality from the disease. However, the Western world is not untouched by the pneumonia crisis. Elderly in the U.S. and other western countries are also significantly impacted by pneumonia. Additionally, in 2013 alone, $16 billion USD was spent on direct healthcare expenditures for pneumonia. The Nopneu team is passionate about changing this issue and empowering caregivers to say no to pneumonia.

What is Nopneu?

Nopneu is a game-changing diagnostic tool that is being developed to diagnose pneumonia in a fraction of the time and cost compared to the gold standard. With easy to read, color- coded results, caregivers and clinicians alike will be able to read the results. (Mockup Below)


Our Founder


Temiloluwa Adeniyi is an award-winning biomedical engineer and data engineer. She is also the proud daughter of Nigerian and Dominican American parents. She has been featured in Forbes 53 Women-Led Startups Disrupting HealthTech, as well as numerous other outlets. Her journey as a biomedical researcher began early when she was in middle school through her research in the Finding and Researching Mycobacterial Phages through a partnership between Duke University and the University of Cincinnati. During this program, she discovered a new phage that is still being researched at the Pittsburgh Phage Institute.

This was a catalyst to an exciting journey in biomedical research that continued in her undergraduate, graduate studies at Georgia Tech and post-graduate research, with her research being funded by prominent organizations such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Science Foundation, among others. In addition to her interest in engineering and science, she is largely driven by her family's background and their own challenges in receiving equitable healthcare. She aims to continue to bring these passions together through creating technology that razes barriers for marginalized communities with accessible, affordable, and innovative technology while pushing the boundaries in policy with data. Nopneu is one expression of this passion. She aims to continue to drive change in the world, one innovation at a time. This is just the beginning.

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